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‘List-of-Services’ page adds wow to WORQS

By Lance Bailey
March 14, 2013

WORQS has some changes in the works.

The Work Order Request and Query System (WORQS) is getting upgraded by the WORQS2 project to improve the user experience and encourage greater usage.

WORQS is a web-based tool for university employees to submit, view and track the progress of work orders and projects. The tool has been in use since 2002.

The project, led by IT Manager Matthew Stone, was originally scoped as a full rewrite of the WORQS application with a number of improvements, including interface and functionality. In order to complete the project in parallel with the opening of the Facilities Services Center though, the project features will be phased. The project launched in early 2012 with a list of requests made by lead client Jennifer Heath. Debra Di Meo soon took over as manager of the Facilities Service Center and continued to work with Stone on the project.

To get more people using WORQS instead of paper forms, the home page was redesigned to give new users more intuitive tools and navigation. New users can access a page of FAQs, see example services that make up the different requests types, and view and search requests. However, the home page’s left-side menu was left alone to allow expert users to continue navigating the site with ease.

New WORQS home page

Screen shot of the new WORQS home page.

The biggest addition to assist new users is a list-of-services page, which allows users to find out where to go to solve their problem, armed only with the knowledge of what their problem is. For example, if a university employee wanted to know how to get rid of bats, he or she could visit the list-of-services page, search for “bats,” and see which department to call for bat removal. The Facilities Services Team maintains the list of services through a newly created administrative tool, which allows them to make updates to the data without contacting Technology Resources.

New WORQS List-of-Services page

Screen shot of the new WORQS List-of-Services page.

Another improvement was simplified access to customer-funded CRIB, Service and Event requests. In the past, if a user didn’t have authorization for those requests, he or she wouldn’t see them and might not know those requests existed. In the new system, all request types will be visible to all users, and the requirement of an account number will be noted.

WORQS2 also provides a complementary change within the FAMIS application. The Work Control Specialists are now using EIDs for call-in customers, thereby making their processes consistent with other phone support centers such as ITS and AskUS. To streamline request entry in FAMIS, a new Oracle form was created to integrate EID lookup with the Service Request creation. This allows the Work Control Specialist to quickly and easily select the correct Requestor ID in FAMIS. Not only does this reduce work for the Specialists, it increases the accuracy of the Requestor ID selection. Data integrity issues with Requestor IDs is a longstanding problem in both FAMIS and WORQS; this new process and supporting form will go a long way toward remedying that problem.

The improvements are scheduled to go live in June.

Don Duty, Julie Murphy, Chris Latham, Robyn Green, Jeff Hoskins, Rich Janes, Sini Abraham, Sue Campbell and Constance Meyer all contributed to the project’s success.

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