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TRecs Services

Computer Support Services

  • Security and Compliance
    • Performs and coordinates security assessments and IT audits to ensure compliance with university, UT System, state, and federal regulations and guidelines
  • Server Support
    • Operating system and application installation/configuration on servers
    • Server security
    • Server data backups

Client Services

  • TRecs Operations
    The Operations team oversees the work management system, providing operational and business support for Technology Resources. This includes:
    • Request Management
    • Portfolio Management and IT Governance
    • Project Management, Resource Management and Business Process support
  • Business Intelligence Services
    • Help departments collect and analyze data
    • Provide training and support for data analysts
    • Self-service business intelligence platform
  • Document Management Services
    • Document Archive Services
    • Building Facility Maintenance Information Access
  • Space Records
    • Project-related drafting services
    • Document archives scanning services
    • Maintain campus floor plans, official room & building inventories, and construction archives

Software Development and Web Services

  • Software Development and Integration
    • Services are divided between five separate teams that support:
      • Campus Planning and Facilities Management
      • Human Resource Services
      • Parking and Transportation Services
      • Portfolio Services
      • Utilities and Energy Management
  • Web Services
    • Design and support for all University Operations departmental Web sites and other sponsored programs

Location Information (Loc.i)

  • Loc.i
    • Public and professional mapping services
    • Maintain campus geographic information system (GIS) database and maps
    • Support University offices with location information and spatial analysis

Your Business is Our Mission

At Technology Resources (TRecs) our goal is to provide University Operations service units with information technology that enables the units to better serve the campus. Our objective is to provide secure, reliable and responsive IT systems, solutions and support.