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Business Intelligence Services

Who We Are

The Business Intelligence Services (BIS) team has been supporting University Operations for many years. Our BI team has worked hard to develop expertise in data analyses, data visualizations, our self-service BI platform, sustainability with your data to save time and resources, and customer service. We look forward to hearing from you.

What We Do

The ability to collect and analyze internal and external data can dictate how well a department can generate knowledge and ultimately value. BIS offers services to help clients harness structured data to improve decision-making, financial management, compliance, and overall customer service.

Our service includes information strategy, data mining, analytics, and measurements to optimize business performance. BIS can help transform data into insights and achieve higher levels of performance by providing opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and visibility across the organization. BIS can also enable faster problem-solving and decision making at the strategic and operational levels by utilizing Tableau visualizations.

BIS is preparing to meet the growing demand for business intelligence and data solutions with an innovative business and technology service, capabilities, and experiences designed to meet our clients' needs.

Our team of business intelligence professionals can help assist in collecting an organization's internal or external data; provide storage options if needed, typically in our operational data store; and save it in a usable format dictated by UT data governance principles. Once completed, analytics can be generated; executives and managers can make critical, strategic decisions faster using the now-accessible, factual data; and organizations can move forward faster, instigating change, reinforcing strategic imperatives or boosting investment.

Below is a great example of a visualization that we can help create. We wanted to show the correlation of interests with our team members in a fun and interactive way. Check it out by clicking on the categories below to learn more about the fun and interesting people providing your IT support.

How We Do It

TRecs’ Business Intelligence Services is focused on helping you find answers to your questions. We are here to help you use the TRecs self-service BI tools to improve your organization’s performance. We begin by working with you to identify and gain access to the right information about your operations. We work closely with TRecs Data Services to gain access to the data from within your production systems or from other campus or non-campus systems. We provide tools and experience to make your information readily available and easy to understand. Lastly, we help you explore how to leverage the information, share your knowledge with others and fulfill its potential impact within your organization.

We provide a combination of tools, experience and service to help you make the most of your data:

  • Tableau Software - Imagine being able to answer virtually any operations question by dragging-and-dropping your data into a free-form visual canvas. You can create beautiful graphs, campus maps and dashboards from one or more data sources (excel, Oracle, SQL and many others).Want to explore and discover with your visualizations? You, can filter, sort, group, calculate, organize and drill down to make it interactive.
  • Tableau Web Portals - After you build your visualizations, you can share your interactive visualizations with others on your team via your department’s own Tableau web portal. The feature-rich capabilities include multifaceted dashboards, linked visualizations, and security controls. This is self-service business intelligence at your fingertips either in a browser or on your mobile device.
  • Training and Support - While Tableau is user-friendly from the beginning, you will want to build your skills in this amazing tool through the on-line training, TRecs campus users group, UT Tableau community forum, TRecs in-house or hosted vendor training, and TRecs coaching. We will help you leverage Tableau’s amazing resources and provide you with one-on-one or small group coaching from our own experienced team.
  • Business Process Improvement - Your experience is the best teacher. Our role is to help you continue to improve and discover new ways to observe and measure your operations.

Your Business is Our Mission

At Technology Resources (TRecs) our goal is to provide University Operations service units with information technology that enables the units to better serve the campus. Our objective is to provide secure, reliable and responsive IT systems, solutions and support.