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Data Sharing Request

TRecs, in partnership with other University Operations departments, is providing a service to better manage data assets as they are shared with other campus departments. If needed, TRecs will develop a data sharing plan to outline the nature of the data and how it will be used to help ensure both parties are successfully managing the data. If you are interested in submitting a data sharing request for or from a University Operations department, please review the examples below and select ‘I Understand’ to continue to the request form [UT EID required].

Example of the Rights and Responsibilities of Sharing Party

  • Retain all ownership rights to the data
  • Determine the security requirements for the data
  • Know how the data will be used by the receiving party
  • Determine who can see and use the data set

Example of the Rights and Responsibilities of Receiving Party

  • Use a data set as defined in a Plan
  • Notice from the sharing party of any substantial changes to the data set and its definitions
  • Notice from the sharing party of any known outage or technical problems impacting a Plan
  • Request new Data Sharing Plans

Data shall remain the sole and exclusive property of The University of Texas at Austin. The data owner is, at its sole discretion, able to distribute the data to others for any purposes and to use it for its own purposes. The parties agree data sharing does not convey ownership of the data. The original sharing party retains all ownership rights and responsibilities for the data.

Category I data will be handled by both parties in accordance with university requirements and rules.

» I Understand «
[continue to request form; UT EID required]

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At Technology Resources (TRecs) our goal is to provide University Operations service units with information technology that enables the units to better serve the campus. Our objective is to provide secure, reliable and responsive IT systems, solutions and support.