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Space Records

Who We Are

Space Records maintains the campus record drawings, updates the official building, floor, and room inventories, and supports archival of construction projects. This group works with Information Management and Analysis (IMA), UT Systems’ Office of Facilities Planning and Construction (OFPC), Project Management and Construction Services (PMCS), and a variety of campus clients to ensure that the building, floor, and room inventories and record drawings are up-to-date.

What We Do

Space Records strives to ensure that floor drawings are kept as accurate as possible. We track construction projects to ensure that changes are integrated into the official campus record drawings in a timely fashion and field verify projects to ensure accuracy. Additionally we publish PDF copies on web central for full-time, University of Texas at Austin (UT) employees to use in the online drawing repository.

We also act as the data stewards for building-related information in support of the principle of Single Version of the Truth (SVT) and strive to keep the campus community notified of changes. If you would like to subscribe to our update notification list, please visit the UT Building Information page on UT Lists.

How We Do It

Space Records monitors construction projects to incorporate architectural changes into official campus floor plans and use the construction documents to field verify layout changes. We receive update requests from campus clients including building managers and space coordinators and investigate each item thoroughly. We receive new building information from OFPC via Campus Planning in order to add new building records and work with a variety of campus offices to fine tune the building data.

Your Business is Our Mission

At Technology Resources (TRecs) our goal is to provide University Operations service units with information technology that enables the units to better serve the campus. Our objective is to provide secure, reliable and responsive IT systems, solutions and support.